Wednesday, 6 August 2014

My love for Dove Body Lotions

Dove Body Lotions Purely Pampering

I can not be without body lotions, I use them every single day after a shower, otherwise my skin feels tight, uncomfortable and gets dry. I go through them with 'light speed' so I want them to be cheap. Cheap but still very good at moisturising my skin, fast absorbing without leaving sticky or greasy residue and easy and quick to apply. That's when Dove Body Lotions come in handy.

I've been using Dove body lotions for ages and always liked them as they are really good quality but lately I picked some new additions to their range and I absolutely fell in love with them.
All of them have a texture of light balm, they apply easily and get absorbed in seconds. They leave my skin super soft and moisturised, even my elbows and knees are in perfect condition and we all know how easy they can become dry and rough. 
The main differences between those three body lotions shown on the picture above are some added ingredients and different scents. The SCENTS, they are what makes me love these body lotions more than the others I've used from Dove.
Dove Limited Edition Beauty Blossom Nourishing Body Lotion (£3.99) it has very fresh, subtle floral scent that it's just perfect for those sunny, hot mornings. It leaves my skin refreshed and makes me feel more awake. And it goes really well with my everyday fresh floral perfumes.
Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Pistachio Cream and Magnolia, (£3.99) this one smells just delicious, as soon as I apply it on to my skin it makes me think of pistachio ice cream :) It's hard to detect the scent of magnolia at first but after a few minutes when the intense pistachio notes fade a little bit I can smell on my skin some very subtle floral notes. The scent of this body lotion lingers on my body for a long time which is really unusual for drugstore offerings. Even though it's only a quick morning application of my body lotion it feels really pampering and like a special treat.
Dove Purely Pampering Nourishing Lotion with Almond Cream and Hibiscus, (£3.99) similar like the previous one this lotion smells amazing with a sweet nutty notes followed by quite detectable hibiscus scent. Again it leaves my skin with a subtle fragrance for a few hours which is really pleasant especially at night when it helps me relax.
So you now know I'm slightly obsessed with those Purely Pampering body lotions, they feel and smell really luxurious even though they're quite cheap. One of the best, in my opinion, body lotions on budget.
Have you tried any of the Dove Purely Pampering body lotions?


  1. I love Dove body lotions, I try out so many brands but always revert back to dove! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

    1. I know, I'm the same! They are great and very affordable! xx

  2. Hey, I have nominated you for the liebster award... I hope you can join in xxx
    All details on my blog xxx
    x Maria x

    1. Thank you Maria! I've been nominated before but I appreciate being noticed once again! xx

  3. Love anything Dove, atm especially their dry oils.
    Stunningly Inept

    1. I haven't tried dry oils for body as it makes me think they would leave my skin greasy and sticky but I might give them a go. xx

  4. I love Dove but haven't yet seen these in the shops here in Australia, hope they will come soon.

    I have a new International giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter..

    1. You should try them when you get the chance, they're great! xx


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