Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My current fragrances

Summer fragrances

I absolutely love perfumes, can't be without wearing any fragrance even if I am just at home doing housework and looking after my sons. Nice scent makes me feel prettier, sexier and happier. Spritz of some gorgeous perfume can lift my mood instantly and bring memories of time when I was wearing it.
Even though I have some all time favourite fragrances I tend to come back to, I love discovering new scents and change the ones I like to wear quite frequently, especially with the seasons.
The four fragrances I'm going to tell you about have been my 'go to' scents for the last 2, 3 months so basically are more Summer/Early Autumn appropriate for me.

Summer fragrances

Firstly let me tell you about my current obsession which are Victoria's Secret Fragranced Body Mists! Ever since I discovered you can buy them on Amazon at quite affordable price I was hooked. If you check Victoria's Secret Beauty website you'll see how many different scent options for Fragranced Mists they have and most of them sound intriguing and beautiful to me. So my collection has started!
The only negative thing about them is that I prefer using body mists in the Summer when is warm/hot as I like to spritz them literally all over my body to keep me fresh and nicely scented. Like with most of body mists their scent doesn't last very long on the skin so it's nice to use them throughout the day to refresh the body and top up the fragrance. My two current favourite body mists are Pure Daydream and Aqua Kiss.
Pure Daydream is a blend of Pearl Orchid and Pink Currant and for me it smells like sunny Summer day. It's slightly on a sweet side but not sickly, kind of fruity sweet scent with floral base. I love it and we'll keep it for next year and some hot days as sadly the Summer here in UK is gone already.
Aqua Kiss smells of freesia and daisy and it's a very fresh, aquatic but also floral scent. I adore freesias and this mist is beautiful, perfect for warm Summer day but also a rainy one as it reminds me the fresh, clean scent of the air after a storm on a hot day.

If I'm going out or just want some stronger fragrance I reach for one of my current perfumes.

Davidoff Cool Water Wave is an old favourite of mine for Summer time. It's fresh, aquatic scent with top notes of watermelon, mango guava which lead to freesia, pink pepper, peony notes and lingers with sandalwood, iris and amber. I like it a lot! It's fresh but still feminine with very clear freesia notes. I've been using it during Summer but will still use it for day time during colder months. Also I love the simple water drop-like bottle which is so comfortable to hold it and use it.

Calvin Klein Down Town it's a more sensual floral scent that I've been wearing in the evenings but it's perfectly suitable for day use and I will definitely reach for it more often during Autumn. It opens up with fresh notes of bergamot, neroli, green pear, plum that quickly change to notes of pink peppercorn, violet and gardenia petals making it smelling soft and feminine. Base notes of cedarwood, vetiver and warm velvet musk leave a sensual, warm scent which I love and it makes me feel sexy and chic.

So these are my current fragrances. Have you tried any of them? What's your all time favourite scent?



  1. I'm the same. I cannot leave home without wearing scent! I appear to be a bit of collector of perfumes! I love the sweet vanilla-y smells. Viktor and Rolf's Flower Bomb is a favourite and YSL's Elixir. But I love Chanel Mademoiselle and Chance and all the Dior scents. I love scents that last on you. I very rarely walk through a perfume department without trying something new. If I can still smell it on my wrist by the time I've got home and I still like it, it goes on my wishlist!

    1. Perfume makes you instantly more groomed and attractive doesn't it? I love Dior J'Adore! It's one of my all time favourites! Thanks for commenting! xx


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