Monday, 11 August 2014

Manicure Monday #10

This week I'm back to my favourite bright Summer colours for my nails. The weather in UK hasn't been as good the last week but I still want my nails to be cheerful and Summery. I've chosen for my manicure this beautiful coral-y pink shade from Rimmel I heart Lasting Finish 'Hot Tropicana'. In my opinion this is the most perfect Summer pink. I absolutely love the look of my nails, the shade is gorgeous, it looks more pink in some lights and more coral in others. Beautiful anyway!

Rimmel Hot Tropicana

I love Rimmel I heart Lasting Finish range of nail polishes as they are really affordable, the formula is normally very good and the brush is wide enough to make the application easy and quick. 'Hot Tropicana' applies a bit streaky but two coats are enough for opaque finish and a top coat smoothes everything out nicely giving the nails extra glossiness.
I noticed some tiny chips on my right hand's nails after two days which is not very impressive but very common for me so don't be disheartened if you like the colour and would like to try it.

What's on your nails at the moment?



  1. Love that colour! I really like the Rimmel nail polish brushes, so much easier to apply than some of the higher priced polishes.

    Joey |

    1. I agree, the size of a brush makes such a difference! xx


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