Tuesday, 29 July 2014

L'Oreal GlamMatte Gloss in Cherry Crop

L'Oreal GlamMatte Gloss in Cherry Crop
Before I started blogging I wasn't a big lipstick fan, I much preferred some nude lip gloss  and had in total maybe 5 coloured lip products.
But that has changed. A lot!
Couple of months ago I decided to buy some Summer appropriate lipsticks and my new addiction somehow started. There are so many amazing shades of lip products that it would be rude not to pick up at least some of them:)
Recently I noticed in my local Boots some new lip glosses/lipsticks from L'Oreal and after swatching them I knew I had to get at least one.

The packaging is a standard lip gloss-like but the applicator is a triangular shape which assures perfect, precise application. The product smells kind of synthetic but once on the lips I can hardly detect it. The name of this lip gloss is very accurate, the colour is super Intense and definitely Glam, I wouldn't wear it for a 'no make up' make up look nor for a day out with the kids. It's definitely a shade for a special occasion or night out. In my opinion it's absolutely gorgeous! Super pigmented cherry red.

L'Oreal GlamMatte Gloss in Cherry Crop

 Even though it's called GlamMatte the finish is definitely between glossy and matte, perfect for me as I love a bit of shine on my lips. It applies smoothly and evenly and it's not sticky at all. Unfortunately it does transfer onto your glass, cup, food etc. but leaves a vibrant stain on your lips so even when is wearing off you still look like wearing a lippy but with matte finish. I noticed if after applying the gloss I slightly blot my lips with a tissue the glossy layer of the lipstick is taken off but I'm left with intense stain that stays all day and doesn't transfer much to anything I'm touching with my lips. Even after 8 hours without reapplying the GlamMatte Gloss, eating and drinking many times, my lips are still outlined with the colour. The staying power of this lip gloss is really impressive.
When the glossy finish is wearing off I start feeling my lips a bit dry but definitely the product doesn't dry them out. I still feel comfortable for another couple of hours before I need to reapply the lipstick or just add a bit of lip balm to my lips.
There are 4 vibrant shades of L'Oreal GlamMatte Gloss, all perfect for Summer and if you are looking for a new lipstick/lip gloss with a punch of colour I recommend you give them a go. I'm loving mine!
Have you tried GlamMatte Glosses?
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  1. Lovely shade, looks super pigmented! I must check these out!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. It is super pigmented! And last long on the lips as well. Thanks for stopping by! xx

  2. I saw these in boots and I loved the shades and the texture of them! Cherry Crop looks so pretty :) xx

    1. It is very pretty and very Summery! Thanks for commenting! xx


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