Tuesday, 8 July 2014

'Eyes Like Angels' eye shadow palette by Makeup Revolution London

I'm pretty sure that at this point in time everyone interested in make up has heard about the new budget friendly British brand Makeup Revolution London. And you've seen probably lots of blog posts from different bloggers reviewing their products.
Recently Makeup Revolution released many new eye shadow palettes, and as I am self confessed eye-shadow-holic I had to treat myself to a few.
Today I am going to tell you my thoughts on Eyes Like Angels Ultra Professional Eye Shadow Palette (RRP £8).
Eyes Like Angels consists of 32 eye shadows enclosed in black plastic, sleek case with large mirror inside. The sturdy palette comes in a silver carton box that looks quite stylish.
All the eye shadows have names which are actually very accurate to their colours. You can find all sorts of shades in this palette, from neutrals to dark and bright colours. In my opinion it's a very versatile palette and you can create lots of different looks using it. 
Most of the eye shadows are shimmery, metallic and satin with a few of them being matte. Some of them have amazing duo-chrome finish. The pigmentation of all of them is amazing but you can experience some fallout with those semi matte and matte eye shadows as they're a bit chalky.
They're all very soft, apply and blend beautifully and last on my eye lids, without a primer, around 5 hours before slightly creasing but they don't really fade out.

Let me show you the swatches!

First row from the top
My absolutely favourite from this row it has to be Sophisticated Pink, it's such a gorgeous deep pink with metallic finish. Also I love the Pink Glow as a highlighter. The disappointing shade here is Peach Cream, quite chalky with a bit of fallout.

Second row
Silver Star and Award are absolutely beautiful with the first one containing silver glitter and the second one having satin finish. Pink! is the matte shade and unfortunately not as pigmented as others and prone to fallout.

Third row
Pearl Necklace, a satin champagne colour and Night Stars, dark blue shimmer, are my favourites in this row. Green Stars, black green with golden glitter, does produce a bit of fall out.

Fourth row
How gorgeous is Green Envy?! Green turquois with beautiful sheen. I also absolutely adore Copper Dream and Truffle! Bold Purple and White Light are a bit of let down because of being quite crumply.

So there you have it! All eye shadows from Eyes Like Angels Palette. So many beautiful shades, so many possibilities to create beautiful eye make up looks.

Here is one of the eye make up looks I created using Eyes Like Angels palette.
 I applied Pearl Necklace all over my eye lid concentrating on the inner corner.
 Then I used Night Stars in the outer corner blending towards the crease and on my lower lid.
In the middle of my eye lid I patted Sophisticated Pink and blended lightly with the two other shades so there was smooth transition between colours.
Then I applied Peach Cream into the crease to blend everything together and add some warmth to my eyes.
Under my brow bones I added Cream to highlight the area.
With eye liner and mascara I finished the eye look.
I absolutely adore this eye shadow palette, such a great quality and value for money!
The only thing you need to bear in mind is that the shades of those eye shadows are not new and unique, they already exist in other Makeup Revolution palettes. If you own or have seen my review of Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette 'Make Believe' you will know that all the eye shadows are repeated so if you think of buying Eyes Like Angels but already have Make Believe I'd say skip on that one. But if you are just looking for beautiful bright coloured eye shadows I can't recommend this palette enough.
Have you tried any Makeup Revolution eye shadow palettes?
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  1. These palettes look stunning! I need to try these :) xx


    1. It is beautiful! And so affordable! You should try their palettes, they have a big variety and the quality is very good! xx

  2. This palette looks absolutely beautiful, its really something I would love to buy & try!

    Krystal | Little Beauty Bug <3 & Tumblr

    1. It is gorgeous palette and very affordable, you should try it:) Thanks for stopping by! xx


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