Friday, 20 June 2014

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation - Review

Foundation is for me one of the most important make up products, I can't be without one but also I haven't found my holy grail yet so the search for the ONE continues.
For the last month I've been using this, fairly new on the market, Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Flawless Finish Foundation in Ivory. The formula is vitamin enriched and it supposed to improve skin's appearance after 3 weeks of regular use. The foundation claims to even out discoloration and brightens dull areas, providing a healthy looking glow.

 The foundation comes in a clear glass bottle with a pump to dispense the product which is always good. There are 8 shades to choose from. My shade is Ivory and it's a good match for my skin tone. The foundation has SPF20 which is great for adding a bit of more protection from sunrays to your skin.
 So what about the performance of Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation?
To start with I'll tell you what's my skin like. It's oily but dehydrated at the same time ( yes, I know, too much coffee, not enough water) with quite large pores and dry patches. I have also some broken capillaries on my face and some discolorations. A lot to deal with for a simple foundation!
SuperStay Better Skin Foundation applies and blends easily but I found it tends to cling to dry areas and accentuate my pores so I have to really buff it in to my skin, the best results I achieve by applying it with Real Technics Miracle Sponge. Applied that way it does even out my skin tone nicely and hides some minor imperfection. I'd say it gives a medium coverage, if I try to apply more than one layer for extra coverage it looks cakey on my skin so 'the less is more' approach is best for me. The finish is semi matte which I really like. Even though I have oily skin I don't need to apply powder on top as my skin looks naturally matte.
 The lasting power is really not bad for a drugstore foundation. On the 'test day' I didn't make a full make up, only added a bit of concealer under my eyes, just to show you how the foundation performs. It was an ordinary day at home, doing housework, cooking and looking after my children, quite warm but not hot. 4 hours after I applied the foundation my face looked pretty much the same with tiny bit of shine going through but I didn't have to powder.
(Excuse the different lightning in the pictures below but they were taken in different times of the day).
 7 hours after application of SuperStay Better Skin Foundation my skin still looked ok but I noticed the foundation had gone a bit patchy in some areas so if I was outside the house and wanted to look my best I'd have to touch it up and powder my face as it was a bit more shiny.
Overall I like this foundation, it gives me nice coverage, doesn't make me super shiny and lasts on my skin in a good condition around 6 hours. If it was a hot day the lasting power would be diminished as my skin normally gets oilier and any foundation I tried in the past doesn't perform too well in a heat. If your skin is normal I'd say that this foundation will last on your skin well over 8 hours. I don't think Superstay Better Skin is suitable for dry skin as the formula is quite thick and as I said before, it tends to accentuate any dryness. The foundation doesn't feel heavy on skin and it didn't break me out.
As for the claims about improving your skin appearance, I don't think it can do that and I didn't noticed any particular difference in my skin after using this foundation. Good skincare routine is much more important to keep your skin healthy, but if the foundation helps a bit then it's always a bonus.
The Foundation retails for £8.99 and in my opinion it's worth trying it out.
Have you tried Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation?
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