Friday, 13 June 2014

Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette 'Make Believe' by Makeup Revolution London

Makeup Revolution Make Believe Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette
In the latest BBB Dream box (read here) I received this Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette 'Make Believe' from Makeup Revolution London. I was really excited to see all those beautiful, bright eyeshadows perfect for Summer. I'm sure if I was choosing it for myself I would have picked a different palette but I'm happy with the one I was given as I can experiment with my eye make up and add some bright colours to my eyes.

The palette consists of 14 eye shadows, mostly shimmery and two matte brow shades, small applicator and brow brush. It's a really small, (size of my smartphone), light compact ideal for traveling. The packaging is a simple plastic, not very sturdy but with a secure closing. I like the transparent lid, you can see all the eye shadows through it without having to open the case.
The eye shadows are very soft and nearly buttery with very little fallout and great pigmentation. They apply and blend really well and last on my eye lids without a primer around 6 hours which I think is very good considering the whole palette costs only £4.
Let me show you the swatches of all those beautiful eye shadows.
 First 2 are: pale pink and very pale lilac that shows colour slightly only at certain angle, both with frosty finish, perfect for inner eye corner or on its own as a base for a black eyeliner.
Next 2 are: pearl colour with a beautiful sheen ideal to accent inner eye corner and brow bone and frosty lilac.
Next is purple with beautiful sheen and dark blue very close to being matte.
  Bright matte pink, unfortunately this one is rather powdery so you can expect some fallout and not as pigmented, here is swatched heavily to show you the colour. Next up is this gorgeous shade something between ruby red and dark pink with metallic finish. I have no idea how to incorporate this shade in my eye make up but I love it nevertheless.
Here we have so Summery turquoise with metallic sheen and dark green/khaki beautiful all over the lid.
 Next is this grey shade that looks a bit lilac depending on the light, with slight shimmer and bright blue with frosty finish.
  The last two eye shadows are this gorgeous warm chocolate brown with beautiful sheen and frosty super pigmented black.
The brow shades are the beige/blonde shade and brown/brunette, both are a bit on the powdery side but I used them both on my eye brows and they do the job well.
I love all the shades, they have such a beautiful finishes. I admit that the palette lacks some neutral crease shades but you can always use the brow shades or just grab another palette. Anyway 'Make Believe' is just perfect for experimenting with brighter colours.
Here I created a simple eye make up look using the lightest first shade all over my lid with the matte light taupe shade, from Iconic 3 palette, in my crease and the purple shade on my lower eye lid. I finished it off with a black eyeliner and plenty of mascara.
 I really like the pop of colour on my eyes. It's the easiest way to incorporate some brighter shades into everyday make up.
Makeup Revolution didn't disappoint once again, the eyeshadows are good quality and for the price you can collect all the eyeshadow palettes they have and there are 14 different ones.
Do you like using brighter shades for your eye make up during Summer? Have you tried Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palettes from Makeup Revolution?
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