Monday, 19 May 2014

What's on my nails? #10 nailgirls colour

The weather has been spoiling us lately, here in UK, with plenty of sunshine and higher temperatures and all I dream of is some relaxing holidays somewhere exotic. Unfortunately the holidays are not on the horizon yet but at least I can enjoy bright Summer nails.
This time I've chosen this bright, bubble gum pink nail polish from nailgirls which I received in the latest Love Me Beauty box, read here. The formula of the polish is very good, easy to apply, with cream finish and you can get away with wearing just one coat but I have here two coats to give the colour more depth. I used a top coat to add glossiness to my nails.
I like it a lot, it's a happy, girly colour and would look beautiful on toes as well, especially with a bit of tan.
Do you like bright pink colour for your nails? What colours of nail polishes are you reaching for in the Summer?
Kind regards


  1. I love this colour, it looks really gorgeous on the nails. It looks really glossy what topcoat is that?

    Jenny x

    1. Thanks Jenny! The top coat is my new discovery, Orly Glosser, it gives amazing glossiness to the nails! xx

    2. Must try that, I have tried the polish on one finger but not got anywhere near those results.

      A tag is soon coming your way haha ;)

    3. Oh really? I haven't done any tag yet so it will be good fun, hopefully;))


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