Tuesday, 27 May 2014

ORLY GLOSSER High Shine Topcoat - Review

I am always on the look for the next best topcoat that will prolong the wear of my nail polish as I am unfortunately one of those girls whose perfectly finished manicure lasts sometimes only a few hours. If I get two days chip free nails it's nearly a miracle. I read a couple of great reviews on ORLY GLOSSER High Shine Topcoat and decided to try it myself.

ORLY GLOSSER comes in a frosted glass bottle containing 18ml of product and rubberised purple lid assuring an easy grip. The brush is long and spreads the liquid effortlessly. ORLY polishes are free from DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde.
This topcoat doesn't help your polish to dry faster, nor claims to do so, even though I would say it dries up fairly quickly but the main  reason I love it s the shine it gives to my nails. As it says on the bottle it's a high shine top coat and I have to agree that it brings any nail polish to life with an amazing glossiness, even better than Seche Vite, in my opinion. My nails look like after gel manicure. You can see the effect in my latest "what's on my nails?" posts here and here.
Does ORLY GLOSSER extend the life of my nail polish? Yes, it does! I get to have my perfect, chip free, manicure around three days which is very impressive for me.
 So I found my perfect topcoat, at least for now:) If you want to try it yourself you can buy it here for £10.90.
Now I just need to find the miracle cure for my nails to help them grow healthy and strong, to be able to have the perfect mani for a whole week:)
Have you tried ORLY GLOSSER? What's your favourite topcoat?
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  1. oooh is this the one? I normally use Seche. I even love this bottle haha

    Jenny x

    1. Yes this is the ONE:) I love it, if you like super shiny nails and don't mind waiting a bit longer for them to dry I highly recommend it!

  2. Think I might have to pick a bottle up soon hun I love super shiny nails :)


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