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GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment - Review

GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment
GLAMGLOW is a brand famous of their masks containing "magic mud" used by Hollywood stars and celebrities. If you want to read a story how it all started you can do it here. Many beauty bloggers and vloggers adore this stuff so when I got the chance to try ( see my May You Beauty post) the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment I didn't have to think twice.
SUPERMUD claims:
 "amazing detoxifying mud mask is fantastic for fighting all common skin concerns - it helps with the brightening and evening of the complexion; creates a more youthful and smooth skin tone; improves elastin and collagen; de-clogs and minimises pore size and fights unwanted breakouts, by reducing redness and super-speeding the healing process."

The consistency of the mask is quite runny, charcoal colour and contains small amount of little bits which I assume are pieces of some leaves or seeweed. It smells initially of what I can only describe as mud with some sea plants:) You can apply a thin layer of product on your entire face or just tiny bit on your spots as a spot treatment.
When you first apply it the mask is dark grey but once it starts drying up it changes to light grey.
The active ingredients in the mask draw out oil and impurities from your pores what you can see as darker spots while your mask is drying up. You can see in the above picture ( a scary one, yes, I know) my face was covered in those darker spots and I can only imagine how much yuckiness (does this word even exist?) came out of my pores.
While the mask was drying up I felt my skin a bit tightened but I didn't experience any tingling sensation.
You need to keep the SUPERMUD on your face for up to 20 minutes which I did as I like to take the most of my treatment. After this time I removed it with warm water and face cloth as recommended. It's really easy to do so without harsh pulling your skin. My face wasn't red or in any way irritated afterwards even though it leans towards sensitive type sometimes.
The result is really great! My skin was super smooth and clearer, even the next day. My pores looked clean and even though initially they look quite open and big, by the time I finished my skincare routine they looked already so much smaller. I don't think that any existing blackheads were removed but definitely my pores were cleaned up from oil and dirt and I'm pretty sure that regular use of this "magic mud" can clean the pores perfectly and keep those ugly blackheads away.
My skincare routine involves a few clay masks which keep my skin in a fairly good condition, (you can read about them here), so I didn't get the WOW! effect with GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD but I am happy to use up my sample and if I will be able to afford it in the future I will purchase the full size which cost £44.99 for 34g, you can buy it at look fantastic for only £34 at the moment. It is a very pricey mask but if your budget allows you to treat yourself to it I'd say go for it, you won't be disappointed.
Have you tried GLAMGLOW before? What is your experience with this mask?
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  1. I've heard amazing things about the Glamglow range so will definitely invest in it when it's time for a new mask :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. Definitely recommend it! Just the fact that is loved and used by celebrities it makes the pampering time just a bit more special;)) xx

  2. I have also heard amazing things about Glamglow!
    I very nearly bought some the other day, but next time I get the chance I probably won't pass up the purchase! I'm after a new mask! :)


    1. It's great for oily skin prone to blemishes so you should really like it! I recommend you to try it once you get the chance to buy it. xx

  3. I so so want to try Glamglow! The price is putting me off so much, but I so want to try it xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yes, the price is definitely off putting but if you get the chance to get a sample it's really worth trying! Thanks for stopping by Gemma! xx

  4. I love this mask hun, my husband bought me a pot for my birthday and its my go to mask every weekend, I just love the glow it gives me. If you fancy trying their other products they do a try before you buy sample set :)

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Rebecca! I will check it out:) xx


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