Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fake Bake 60 minutes Self Tan Liquid - Review

When the sun is shining and it's getting warmer the way we dress changes and we tend to expose more bare skin which in my case is not ghostly white but pale enough not to look very attractive in short dresses, skirts or shorts. Normally I am not a fake tan fan and I only ever used gradually tanning body lotions which give just a hint of colour to my skin. But when I saw in the latest You Beauty Discovery box one of the items to choose from was Fake Bake 60 minutes Self Tan Liquid I decided to bite the bulette and try it.

Fake Bake 60 minutes Self Tan Liquid, 236ml, RRP 24.95, claims to develop into a beautiful, natural looking tan in just 60 minutes. If you want a darker colour you may leave it for longer but the producent doesn't recommend leaving it for more than 3 hours. 
In the box you find everything you need to get the sunkissed look without the sun: the bottle with the liquid, pump to put onto the bottle, pair of gloves to protect your hands from stains and professional mitt to apply the tan evenly and also step by step guide to application.
Like before any self tanning process you're advised to exfoliate the body to reveal smooth skin which will help with achieving even tan.
To apply the liquid you spray it onto the pink side of the mitt and in circular motion spread onto your body. It's really easy to do it as the colour guide "shows where it goes". Even though I was doing it for the first time and I am absolute novice I got an even application apart from a little patch on my back where I simply didn't reach. Next time I need to ask my husband for help, I think.
The initial smell of the liquid is very nice, coconut like, which reminded me of some sun care products and brought some holidays memories, lovely! 
After a while I noticed the smell developed into the standard fake tan smell of biscuits but not very strong so it wasn't unpleasant.
The product applied to my skin dried up quickly and by the time I finished I could easily dress up. I just used a bath robe and the fake tan didn't stain it at all so it's great.
When the 60 minutes were up my skin didn't look tanned enough for me so I left it for another hour.
After this time I rinsed off the colour guide under the shower and could admire a lovely result of a nice sunkissed look of my skin.
 As you can see on the picture above my skin after self-tanning looks just slightly bronzed, glowy and healthier.
I love the colour the Fake Bake Self Tan gave me, it's very subtle and not very obvious but just enough to look like I've spent a day on the sunny beach. If you want darker colour you need to leave the liquid for longer or reapply the next day.
I applied the Fake Bake Self Tan 4 days ago and my skin is still looking slightly tanned without any patches, it fades evenly. I'm planning to reapply it today and leave it for 3 hours to see how much more bronzed my skin will be.
I love how this product is easy to apply and it gives me very lightly bronzed, healthy looking tan. It's perfect for anyone who wants quick and natural results. I can see myself getting a bit obsessed with it until I get some real tan.
Have you tried Fake Bake 60 minutes Self Tan Liquid? Did you like it?
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