Sunday, 13 April 2014

What's on my nails? #7

This week my nails are super short, they've been in a really bad condition, very weak and splitting like crazy! I need to find some good treatment because whatever I've been using it's not working. I gave them break for nearly 2 weeks from any nail polishes but their condition hasn't improved!
So having enough of the look of my bare nails I decided to finally paint them.
I've chosen some Maybelline Color Show nail polishes. I like them as the formula is very good, they're easy to apply with the wide brush and last quite well on my nails as well. They come in many different shades and are very affordable at RRP £2.99. They contain only 7ml of product but for me this is actually plus as it means I am more likely to finish the bottle before it gets old and gloopy.

 I applied two coats of Peach Pie, milky, barely there, nude colour which is perfect for delicate, discreet manicure, to all my nails except my ring finger which I painted with vibrant Urban Coral just to break the boring look of my very short nude nails.
On top of all of them I applied Sugar Crystals which is a very subtle silver glitter immersed in peach colour base.
I like using it on top of different polishes as it gives a beautiful, not in your face, sparkle and the peach colour of the base doesn't really transfer with one coat.
Now I feel so much better when my nails look more presentable. I dislike having bare nails so much!
What are you wearing on your nails this weekend? What can you recommend for me to strengthen my nails?
Kind regards

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