Friday, 11 April 2014

My opinion on... Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick

When Escentual had thorough March an offer 1/3 off on French Brands I decided to finally get some skincare products I had been having on my wish list for a while.
One of them being from Vichy Dermablend line. I got the Corrective Cream Stick because I am looking for my holy grail concealer which would cover my broken capillaries and stay in place for most of the day. Reading so many good reviews about this line being able to fully cover scars, birthmarks or tattoos I was very excited to try it.

Unfortunately I am quite disappointed with this Vichy Dermablend Corrective Cream Stick.
It doesn't cover as expected my broken capillaries and if I try to layer it up for better coverage it looks cakey. Also, even though it claims to stay put for 14hrs, on my face it lasts only 3, 4, even after setting it with a powder.
The formula of the stick is dry and tends to accentuate dry patches. You need to warm the product between your fingers for better application and easier blending.
The colour I chose is Opal and it's the lightest available which isn't the perfect match for my skin and I doubt it would suit really pale skins.
As it's rather salmony beige-pink colour I thought it will be good for covering my under eye dark circles but again, it didn't cover them completely and as it's dry formula it made my fine lines more noticeable.
So for me this Corrective Stick is a miss as a concealer. But being not the cheapest on the market I decided to try using it as foundation and I like it in this form. It gives me medium coverage with matte finish, keep my skin shine free for around 4, 5 hours and as it contains SPF30 is good for Spring/Summer months. I still need a concealer though to cover my dark circles and disguise the redness of my broken capillaries.
Obviously paying full price £15 for 4.5g of product and using it as a foundation is not an option for me and I won't be repurchasing it in the future.
It's a shame it didn't work out for me as I really wanted to love it and had high hopes for it.
Anyway it's not all bad and I am tempted to try other products from the Vichy Dermablend line but the Corrective Cream Stick it's nothing I expected it to be.
If you feel like giving this Corrective Stick a go you can buy it at Escentual for £12.75 at the moment where you can also find other lovely French Brands skincare products.
Have you tried Vichy Dermablend products?
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  1. It looks awesome, too bad that it's dry and for the bad coverage ><
    Thanks for sharing anyway!

    1. Thanks for reading! It was one of those disappointing products that you had high hopes for. But this means I'm still on the look for the holy grail concealer:)

  2. I also picked this up from Escentual recently in the search for the perfect concealer! It seems that we are on the same concealer hunting journey!

    I agree with you on all of the points that you made here as I had all the same issues! I have tried so many different ways of applying it and until I can find that perfect concealer I have come up with a method that is okay.

    Like you said, it needs to be warm to blend well, so I gently warm it up on the back of my hand and take a tiny amount of product from the stick using my finger. I gently dab it using my finger onto wherever I need to cover and barely blend it at all. It blends well enough so at least you can get some good coverage from it without it caking!

    I have found that the more you blend it, it just disappears and then you need more which equals caking!

    I hope that helps & I'll keep you updated on my concealer hunt! :)


    1. It's a shame it doesn't work for us! Agree with you that the more I blend the more it disappears! let me know if you find the holy grail concealer:)


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