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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Budget beauty products worth trying: Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serums

I am definitely not a skincare snob, I buy many things in the drugstore and I think there are great products at affordable prices. But having tried lots of products, at lower and higher price point, I realised that more expensive ones tend to be more effective and better suited to my 40-years old skin. Yet, every now and then I come across a really affordable skincare that is very good and worth talking about.
I've seen many people on Instagram, within the skincare community, praising the very affordable hydrating serums from Superdrug and, of course, I was intrigued and wanted to try them. I used some Superdrug skincare in the past (see my post) and was pleasantly surprised by it so when I found these two serums as a part of my birthday present from my blogging friends (Siobhan, Dorota and Leanne) I have started using them straight away.
Superdrug simply pure hydrating serums

Friday, 24 May 2019

Apothaka - vegan, cruelty free skincare brand you need to know about

(Post contains gifted product)

I've said it many times and I will do it again, discovering new, small brands thanks to my blog and social media channels has been the highlight of my blogging journey. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't have discovered half of the awesome brands and products I have if I didn't join the beauty blogging community years ago. Even without having a blog but being interested in beauty and reading beauty blogs or following beauty communities on Instagram can be eye opening at how many small amazing brands are out there, brands you might not find in stationary shops or/and never hear about it otherwise.
And today I want to talk to you about Apothaka, small skincare brand which offers cruelty free, vegan, uniquely formulated, based on plant oils products.
Apothaka skincare products

Friday, 17 May 2019

Trialling Dermalogica products

(Post contains gifted products)
Dermalogica is a brand I've seen around for years but, somehow, never got around to trying it. So when I was contacted to become part of their #skinfluencer campaign I didn't hesitate to agree. Dermalogica offers professional grade skincare developed by the International Dermal Institute, they have skin centres where they do professional skin treatments and offer advice . The packaging of the products is sleek and simple as the brand focuses on innovative, effective formulas as opposed to pretty packaging. I like their aesthetics as reminds me of professional beauty therapist salon.
I have been kindly sent few products tailored to my skin's needs and I've been using them for over 6 weeks and would love to share my thoughts on them with you.
Dermalogica skincare, Dermalogica Precleanse

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

M&S Formula Skin Solutions face masks for all the skin's needs

(Post contains gifted products)
Isn't taking your makeup off and cleansing your face at the end of the day one of the best feelings ever? Plus giving your skin a bit of a pamper with a face mask or three :)
I absolutely love having pamper sessions at home which may include almost a facial-like experience with different treatments one after another. I would love to have professionally done facials on regular basis but they're expensive so having a face mask every few days at home is the next best thing for me :)
Few weeks ago I was kindly sent three new face masks by M&S Beauty and have been using them regularly to see how effective they are and if less expensive formulas can rival those that cost 2, 3 times as much.
I am already a big fan of the M&S own brand Formula (check out this post) so I was excited to give these three face masks a go.
M&S Formula Skin Solutions face masks

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette - review + some eye looks created with it.

It's been a long while since I've reviewed a newly launched eyeshadow palette! There was a time that I would be lusting over every new eyeshadow palette and buying most of them, LOL! I know, totally unnecessary but hey ho, you live once :)
My makeup drawers are over-saturated with eyeshadow palettes, I certainly have all the shades I will ever need and not many new palettes spark my interest these days. But as soon as I saw the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera palette I knew I will add it to my collection.
It just screams 'holidays', from the nautical packaging to the shades selection and their names, and I'm living for my Summer holidays :) And it's a palette that will challenge you to create different looks and step away from your usual comfort zone and that's what I needed as I've been stuck in a rut with my makeup. I have several other ABH eyeshadow palettes so I knew what kind of quality to expect from these eyeshadows, have they delivered though?
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