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Thursday, 22 November 2018

My dream Christmas holidays if money wasn't an object (AD)

(Post in collaboration with Lottoland)

I think most of us have dreamt of winning lottery and being able to afford the things we can only dream of or are difficult to justify spending money on, or traveling the world and experiencing all the different cultures, cuisine and beautiful nature.
When I think of winning a big lottery bet my imagination can easily go wild, of course there are the sensible ideas like buying big house, investing money in a business, securing my children future, supporting some fantastic charities. But let's be honest, if I won a really big bet I would totally got a bit crazy and made some of my dreams come true, even if they're not exactly the wisest way to spend your money but creating amazing memories with your family is priceless :)
As we're approaching Christmas I can't stop but think about my dream Christmas holidays so let's have a drink and let our imagination transport us to beautiful Finland and the magical land of Santa Claus aka Father Christmas - Lapland.


Friday, 16 November 2018

Budget beauty: Revolution Pro x Nath eyeshadow and cheek palettes

My long term followers know probably that I love a good budget beauty products and Makeup Revolution had been once one of my favourite budget brands heavily featured on this blog. I have moved onto more expensive brands as I found their products to work better on my not so young anymore skin but there are still many drugstore makeup and even skincare products in my stash that I use on everyday basis.
Over the course of years I have lost the 'love' for Makeup Revolution with their 100s per month new launches and lots of copies/dupes of more expensive makeup. But I still think they provide good quality products, considering the price point, and are accessible to many people who don't have or want to spend lots of money on makeup.
Makeup Revolution is also known for having a few brands under their umbrella and Revolution Pro seems to be one of the new ones with products claiming to be even better quality.
One evening I was scrolling through the Instagram and came across their new palettes created in collaboration with Polish beauty influencer Natalia Siwiec and because I felt sentimental I ordered both of her palettes :) Not that she needs my support, I've never even followed her career although I know who she is, but I thought her palettes looked really pretty and quite unique amongst other budget palettes.

Revolution Pro x Nath eyeshadow and cheek palettes

Friday, 9 November 2018

My current winding down/pampering routine

Taking time to yourself to relax/wind down should be your daily priority, whether that's a whole evening or just 15 minutes to have your cup of coffee/tea/glass of wine in peace without stressing over your job/motherhood challenges/any other problems. Slowing down for a minute and just enjoying your own company can do lots of good for your overall well being. I make sure to have some time to myself every evening, once the kids are in beds I need my 'me time' to regain my sanity, haha!
Some evenings it will be reading blogs/watching YouTube, others binge watching something on Netflix with husband and some nights when I feel particularly stressed or run-down I would take a relaxing bath, put a face mask on, have a glass of wine (remember to drink responsibly!) and just forget for a few minutes about the world behind the bathroom doors.
Bath time essentials/pampering routine

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Trio for glowing complexion, Kate Somerville ExfoliKate range

I heard about Kate Somerville skincare a few years back on some US beauty channels but because the brand wasn't readily available in UK I wasn't bothered trying anything. I was intrigued though as many people raved about Kate Somerville products so when earlier this year Cult Beauty has become an official UK stockist I eagerly placed an order for the Introductory Kit of her ExfoliKate range, one that has gained many praises. It took me while to finally start using these products but once I've tried them I was immediately hooked.
Kate Somerville Exfolikate skincare set

Friday, 19 October 2018

Feline Fierce with Boots, easy Halloween cat makeup look (AD)

(Post in collaboration with Boots)
I have not shared a makeup look on the blog in a long while, mostly because I just stick to my quick and easy work makeup look and I haven't had much time to be creative on the days I don't go to work. So when I was contacted by Boots and asked to take part in their Halloween campaign I thought it was a brilliant idea and a challenge for myself to play with makeup a bit different then on my usual days.
Also creating a feline Halloween look has been always on my mind as I think there's a bit of a cat's characteristic in many women, fierce, independent, playful, affectionate, the list could go on :)
For my Halloween look I've chosen leopard as they're just absolutely beautiful animals and if you follow fashion trends you know that this season is crazy about leopard print so why not extend it from clothes to your face :)
The look I've created is very simple and easy to follow, I'm sure you'll have all the products needed already and if not they're easily accessible in your local Boots and affordable.
Feline Fierce With Boots - easy Haloween feline makeup look

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