Friday, 4 August 2017

Super Facialist Retinol range - review

Retinol (more commonly known as vitamin A) is one of the best skin transforming and rejuvenating ingredients. Its effects include minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and enlarged pores, improving uneven skin tone, it helps the skin look firmer and more glowy thanks to boosting collagen production, speeding up cell turnover and unclogging pores. Retinol is basically best friend of aging skin.
Retinol also can be broken down into other forms of vitamin A, such as retinyl palmitate, retinaldehyde, retinyl retinoate, and retinyl proprionate, which are often found in skincare products. They're not as powerful as pure retinol but gentler to use on regular basis yet they still work their magic on the skin, just a bit slower.
I've tried couple of products with Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids) and liked how they worked for my skin so I was very excited to start testing the whole Retinol + range from Super Facialist. I've tried a few products from the brand before (post) and really liked them so I had high hopes for the new range.
Super Facialist Retinol range

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

For every budget: facial mists

If you had a look through my beauty stash you would see a good mix of expensive and very affordable products, from skincare to makeup. I'm not a makeup/skincare snob, I think there are fantastic products in a drugstore and there are high end products not worth their price tag. And while usually more expensive products, especially skincare, are higher quality, with better ingredients list, it doesn't mean you can't get good products on a smaller budget.
With all these in mind I thought I'll start a new series on the blog where I'll share with you three products in one category, each at different price range, all good quality, which I enjoy using and would repurchase them. They're not 'dupes' but great alternatives to suit different budgets. And today we're talking facial mists.
Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Face Mist , Superdrug Vitamin E Face Mist, Grounded Body Scrub Facial Mist

Friday, 28 July 2017

Trialling... Klorane hair care products

I've gone from rarely talking about hair products on my blog to having new ones every month :) I'm guessing my hair might be in a disastrous state so people keep trying to rescue it giving me a chance to try their fabulous products, haha!
Jokes aside, I've been testing for the last few weeks some products from Klorane and today I want to talk to you about them.
Klorane hair care products  

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Faking that sun-kissed look, my favourite bronzers for Summer

I can't believe I didn't use bronzers up until 3, 4 years ago, basically when I discovered beauty blogs, yet now I can't do my makeup without reaching for one.
They transform my makeup, from looking flat and pasty to that lovely sun-kissed look, within seconds. I rarely contour my face but I always bronze it up when I do my makeup. A bit of bronzer adds some dimension to the face, healthy looking glow and some colour.
I have many bronzers in my stash, some of them I like to use in Winter, some of them are great all year round and some are perfect for Summer to help me create that bronzed, glow-y complexion like I would just come back from exotic holidays :)
And today I want to share with you my current favourites.
Best bronzers for Summer, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Too Faced Sun Bunny

Friday, 21 July 2017

My way to unwind after a busy/stressful day

Taking the time to unwind and relax after a busy or stressful day is very important and, in my books, essential. I make sure I have some time to myself most evenings when there's no more work and the kids are asleep so I can really zone out and recharge my batteries for the next day. I feel really sorry for people who can't stop working till the moment they just fall asleep from exhaustion. Our mental health is as important as anything else so taking even half an hour in the evening to completely relax should be one of our priorities.
Everyone is different though and everyone relax in their own way but for me is all about peaceful moments, awaking my senses with beautiful scents and giving my body a bit of a pamper.

Living Sea Therapy body wash and hand lotion

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Filorga NCTF-Essence, review

Asian skincare has been influencing the western market for the last several years and many brands have brought out products inspired by Asian routines. Hence we started seeing essences appearing in many brands' ranges.
Essence is usually a very lightweight lotion which is to be applied after cleansing the skin and before serum and/or moisturiser. Essence adds a layer of hydration to the skin and makes it ready for the next steps helping other products work more effectively.  
Last month I was kindly sent the Filorga NCTF-Essence* (£50 for 150ml) which I've been using twice daily for over 3 weeks and today I want to share with you my thoughts on it.  

Filorga NCTF Essence

Friday, 14 July 2017

Trialling... some Eyeko products

Eyeko is a brand that has been around for some time and I've seen people talk about some of their products but, apart from their eye liner, I had not tried anything. So when their PR got in touch with me asking if I'd love to try some of their products I agreed without hesitation.
I've been trialling all these products for the past several weeks and I'm ready to share my thoughts on them.

Eyeko products

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

5 facial cleansers I will definitely repurchase

As much as I love playing with and applying makeup I think cleansing off my face in the evening is my favourite part of my beauty routines. Long gone are days when I just used a foaming facial wash without paying much attention to the cleansing process, for years it's been almost a ritual of double cleanse every evening. And today I want to share with 5 fabulous facial cleansers which not only are great quality, work well for my skin but also are very reasonably priced.
I have tried some more expensive cleansers which I loved but I do prefer to invest my money in facial serum or oil, maybe even face mask but not as much in my cleanser which doesn't have a lot of time to work its magic on the skin before is washed off. Having said that I still want amazing products but I will much more likely repurchase cleansers with budget friendly price tag and these 5 are just that!
Best affordable facial cleansers

Friday, 7 July 2017

Skintifique - skincare for the most sensitive skin

Today I'm really excited to tell you, guys, about this new skincare brand I've discovered only a few weeks ago. Skintifique, born in Paris and Boston, develops and distributes extremely pure and efficient dermatological skin care products for people whose skin is sensitive, allergic or suffer from dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis. Their products are eco-friendly, vegan, hypoallergenic and animal cruelty free.
My skin is not overly sensitive but my older son has eczema so when I saw that many of their products are suitable even for babies I wanted to try them, on myself and my boys.
I was kindly sent some products and after testing them out for a while I want to share my thoughts on them.

Skintifique products for sensitive skin


Monday, 3 July 2017

Testing out new makeup tools from BrushWorks and new beauty website to check out

If you're a beauty junkie like me, chances are that you spend majority of your free time browsing beauty websites and what's better then discovering new ones that offer you a good selection of beauty products with free delivery on every order! ( I hate delivery charges, haha!)
Face. is a new website worth checking out if you want to get some new makeup tools from brands like Real Techniques, So Eco, Beauty Blender, false lashes from brands like Eylure, Koko Lashes, House Of Lashes, or explore products from brands like Violet Voss which aren't widely available in UK.
I was kindly sent a few product, which you can find on the website, and after giving them  a good test I'm ready to share my thoughts on them with you.
makeup brushes and sponges from BrushWorks

Thursday, 29 June 2017

My current haircare routine

 Haircare is a topic rarely talked about on my blog, mostly because my routine is always very simple, shampoo, conditioner, heat protecting/styling products, that's it. As much as I do take good care of my skin I'm a bit neglecting my hair, thankfully I'm quite lucky with it so haven't felt the need to do more then the basics.
But I've noticed lately that my hair has become quite dull, un-manageable, feels a bit dry yet gets greasy as quick as always. I used to wash my hair every day for years which is not exactly the best practice but I just can't stand greasy hair and never found any dry shampoo worth the efforts.
So when I was offered to try a new range of hair products from MatrixBiolage R.A.W., formulated with up to 97% of natural ingredients, free from sulphates, silicones and parabens, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to up my hair game.
R.A.W. stands for Real. Authentic. Wholeseome. and it's a collection of natural haircare housed in packaging made up of post-consumer recycled plastic which can be used again and again.
Haircare routine for shiny hair

Monday, 26 June 2017

Loving lately

So this post was supposed to be published a week ago but I didn't manage to write it on time, I was very busy and with the heat wave last week in UK I just couldn't motivate myself to sit down and blog. So the impromptu blogging break happened. Anyway, with a little delay, I'm here today to tell you what I've been loving lately.

latest beauty and lifestyle favourites

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Perfect mid-week 'pick-me-up' face masks

Last week I shared with you details of my at home facial session which I tend to do once a week, I take the time in the evening to pamper myself. But apart from that I like to use a face mask more often and on busy week days I like to reach for something that will do a bit of everything for my skin leaving it perked up and in good condition throughout the week. Depending on how my skin feels I may apply a different face mask on my face every other day or even everyday but on an average week I pick a Tuesday or Wednesday evening for a little 'pick-me-up' treatment and these 4 face masks have been in my rotation for many weeks and although I have talked about most of them already I've decided to dedicate to them the place on my blog once again.
Oskia Renaissance Mask, Palmer's Purifying Enzyme Mask, Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy Firming Foam Mask, Emma Hardie Age Support Instant Radiance Mask

Monday, 12 June 2017

My favourite highlighters

I have said many times before and will say it again, I'm not the biggest fan of highlighters, especially those very metallic looking, simply because my skin used to be quite oily and even though it's much more balanced out nowadays I still get glowy/shiny in my T-Zone during the day. So if I apply too much highlighter it can quickly make my skin change from looking dewy and healthy to greasy and gross, haha!
Having said that I still managed to collect quite a few highlighters and I do use them on my face most days, I just apply them sparingly, only on the tops of my cheeks for a subtle effect of luminous skin.
I always set my foundation with powder to ensure it lasts well throughout the day and to help control my oils, but it means my skin may look a bit flat so adding a bit of glow is a perfect way to cheat the healthy, radiant look.
Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in Candlelight, Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick in Radiant, Jouer Powder Highlighter in Citrine, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer, Becca Champagne Pop, Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Peach Glow, Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Diamond Dust

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Time for a facial pamper session

 I don't know about you but I do love a good facial at home/pamper session and have been doing them regularly for years. In fact the last time I had professional facials at beauty salon was before I got married over 8 years ago! That's what being a wife and mummy does to you, girls, just warning you... haha! I'm joking!
But truth is that professional facials can be very expensive, especially if you want them to be done on regular basis, so spending one evening at home with your favourite face masks/treatments will be as beneficial to you but much cheaper. I usually pick Friday night to do all my pampering so I feel fabulous for the weekend and week ahead :)
products for facial pamper session

Monday, 5 June 2017

My current favourite under eye setting powders

Following the post about my favourite under eye concealers I've decided to share with you my favourite under eye setting powders. If your skin is dry or, like me, you're in your 30s or older, you probably know the struggle to find a powder that will set your concealer, so it stays on all day without creasing and gathering in fine lines, but also it won't make your under eyes look like you're 100 years old, haha! It took me a while to find powders that look good under my eyes while doing a great job at keeping my concealer in place all day but finally I have a few that I'm happy with.
best under eye setting powders

Thursday, 1 June 2017

One brand makeup look: Maybelline

First of all, how is it June already?? This year is certainly flying by!
Anyway, I'm here today to share with you quite an exciting post, one brand makeup look/tutorial focused on Maybelline :)
One day I was sorting out my makeup collection, as you do if your makeup junkie like I am, and realised that there are some brands I own quite a lot of products from and would probably be able to create a full look using just one brand's products. And that's how I've decided to start this new series on my blog. It won't be very regular but every time I will have enough products from one brand to create a full face of makeup then I will share that with you.  
One brand makeup look: Maybelline

Thursday, 25 May 2017

My current night time skincare routine

Even though I consider myself a skincare enthusiast and someone who loves trying new products I don't talk very often about it on my blog. Reason being I like to stick to certain routines for at least 4, 5 weeks before changing something up or swapping to new products, as this way I know exactly how my skin reacts to everything and if the products are working well for me. I also don't like to use too many products at once for the same reason.
For over a month I tested Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy range which I used morning and evening, after that time I decided to use these products only in the morning as they're absolutely perfect for that thanks to their lightweight formulas and have introduced some new products into my evening skincare routine. I started slowly testing new products just to be sure I don't have any bad reaction to any of them and at this moment I have completely swapped to these ones for my evening regime.
Night time skincare routine fo rmature skin

Monday, 22 May 2017

Zoeva Basic Moment Collection

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you know that I am a big fan of Zoeva eyeshadow palettes and even though I resisted buying one of their latest palette Sweet Glamour because I knew I wouldn't use the pastel shades often enough to justify adding another palette to my ridiculously big collection, I couldn't resist getting the newest Zoeva Basic Moment palettes.
Both of them look just beautiful with neutral shades, perfect for everyday and the aesthetic packaging definitely sucked me in. So one day casually browsing Beauty Bay website, as you do when you're a beauty junkie, these palettes fell into my online basket and with a blink of my eye the checkout was completed, haha!
And here I am today to share with you my thoughts on these palettes.
Zoeva Basic Moment Collection

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection from QVC, the set you don't want to miss

Tarte is a brand that all the beauty junkies from this side of The Atlantic had to admire from afar for the longest time. But finally we're able to get our hands on most of their products because not only Tarte website ships internationally but also QVC website stocks a wide selection of their products.
I've tried a few bits from the brand over the last couple of years but of course I've been tempted to try more, not that I actually need any new piece of makeup, LOL!
When QVC had the TSV offer (Today's Special Value) on the Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection a  few weeks ago I just couldn't resist a little treat to myself.
I wasn't planning on reviewing the set on my blog, mostly because it sold out within a few days but recently I noticed that it went back in stock on the website and I just needed to tell you about it because, in my opinion, it's brilliant.
(Update: unfortunately on the day of publishing the post most of the available shades of the foundations are out of stock again, but keep an eyes on the website as they should be restocking the set).
Tarte Maneater Makeup Collection from QVC

Monday, 15 May 2017

My current favourite concealers, recomendations for dry/dehydrated/mature skin

Starting with a funny story, concealers were the reason this blog was born :) It was almost 4 years ago, I had a small baby and a two year old, good night sleep was a distant memory and my eyes looked less then perfect. I was using foundation and some other makeup at that time but because I never had much issue with breakouts I never used concealers so I turned to uncle Google to find out 'how to cover dark circles' and that's how I discovered the whole world of beauty blogging and YouTube videos. Some months later, after spending endless hours of reading other people's blogs, I decided to create my own. And the rest is history, as they say :)

Best under eye concealers for dry/mature skin

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Trialling... some drugstore liquid lipsticks

I don't know about you but I want my lipsticks to be very pigmented, opaque and ideally long lasting. I don't really enjoy sheer finishes which don't survive even my morning coffee. So liquid lipsticks are one of my favourite formulas as they're usually pretty long wearing. But they also can be quite drying, especially those with true matte finish, and these are a big 'no-no' from me too. Not too much to please me, is there? LOL!
Today I want to share with you some liquid lipsticks from 3 different drugstore brands which not only are well pigmented and fairly long lasting but also comfortable on the lips.
GOSH Liquid Matte Lips, The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick, Bourjois Rouge Laque

Monday, 8 May 2017

New makeup releases from Maybelline

Testing out new makeup products is one of my favourite things to do (alongside skincare) and I guess that's the reason why my collection is so out of control :) Trying out new makeup with the hope it will be the next best thing, seeing how it compares to other products from the same category is exciting and fun so, although I don't need anything new I can't help but keep getting some new products every month.
I bought a few things over the last weeks and I want to share with you my thoughts on them so you can decide if they're worth your money. Today I will focus on some new releases from Maybelline because there have been quite  a few new additions to their range lately.
Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation, Maybelline Super Stay Primer, Maybelline The Eraser Eye Brightener, Maybelline Master Color Bronze and Highlighting palette


Thursday, 4 May 2017

Perricone MD H2 Elemental Energy Collection - the perfect drink for your thirsty skin

Perricone MD is a luxurious skincare brand, with also a small makeup range in their offer (their No Foundation Foundation is one of my favourite light coverage with high SPF base products) which I've had the pleasure to discover last year and try their OVM Day Treatment.
Recently I was kindly sent to review their newest range of products, the H2 Elemental Energy Collection. I've been using all the products for the last month and I'm ready to report on how I got on with them.
PerriconeMD H2 Elemental Energy range

Monday, 1 May 2017

Latest beauty favourites

Not every month I have a handful of well loved, new products to share with you but April, my birthday month, brought me some new things to play with (check my birthday haul) which have quickly become some of my favourites, so here I am today talking about my latest most loved products. It was very hard to narrow them down as I've been trying quite a few skincare and makeup products and most of them have impressed me (keep an eye on my Thursday post when I will be sharing my new skincare routine) but at the end I've made the picks.
April beauty favourites

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Whiter teeth with WhiteWash Nano Whitening Regime kit

Having beautiful, pearly white teeth is a dream most of us probably have, I know I certainly do. I wasn't lucky to get a perfect set of teeth and while I accepted those imperfection I want to keep my teeth healthy and as white as possible. I've never had any professional teeth whitening treatments as didn't feel the need to do it but always try to pick whitening toothpastes just to keep the teeth staining to a minimum. And that's a hard job as I've been a big fan of coffee and red wine for years which, we all know, stain the teeth very badly.
When I was offered to try the Nano Whitening Regime kit from WhiteWash Laboratories* I jumped at the chance for testing these products.

Whitewash Nano Whitening Kit

Monday, 24 April 2017

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation, review with 'before and after' photos

Smashbox is a brand that has been on my radar for a long time but somehow I never got around to trying anything from them until recently. I think they're pretty underrated, especially in UK and you don't see a lot of talk about their products around the blogosphere. I knew they're well known for their Photo Finish Primer but I wasn't aware they have a good foundation in their offer until I read about it on Emmy's blog (Emmy's Beauty Cave). After that I searched YouTube for reviews on the Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation and have found many people who raved about it.
So it ended up on my wish list and finally, a month ago, I bought it.

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation, Smashbox Studio Photo Finish Pore Minimising primer

Thursday, 20 April 2017

My birthday / Space NK beauty haul with first impresions

Welcome back guys after my, slightly longer then planned, break!
I had such a nice relaxing time over my birthday and Easter that I found it hard to switch back to the blogging mode. But I am back and with nothing else then my birthday beauty haul :)
I didn't think I'm going to get any beauty bits as my birthday presents because, truthfully, I don't need anything and I'm really trying to make the most of my makeup and skincare stash but after receiving some emails with birthday offers and browsing through the websites I found some things I did need, LOL!
So I decided to treat myself to some products that had been on my wish list for some time and most of them happened to fall into the face/base category and were ordered from Space NK website which had a £15off of purchases over £60 at that time and I also wanted to use the birthday gift code they had sent me so I got quite a good deal overall.
Space NK haul

Monday, 3 April 2017

Short blogging break

Just wanted to update all my regular readers and followers that I am taking a short blogging break, with Easter just around the corner, I'll be busier then usual with my kids and we have some plans for my birthday this Thursday and will be spending some time with family over Easter.
I was planning to take the break next week but with last weekend being super busy I didn't manage to get any content ready for my blog for this week, so instead of rushing it and stressing over it I've decided it's time to pause for a bit, get ahead with some blog planning and just relax and spend quality time with my family over the next few days.
I will be back with my usual post scheduling (Mondays and Thursday) in 2 weeks time. And in the meantime you can keep up with me on the Instagram where I should be as active as usual.
Wishing you all fantastic Easter/Spring break!

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Skincare products I've used up lately, will I repurchase them?

So it's time for me to show you all the skincare products I've finished up lately and tell you if they were good enough for me to repurchase them. I have to be honest and say that 'empties' posts aren't my favourite to write, I always feel so un-motivated to do it but at the same time, in the typical beauty blogger style, I collect all the empty jars, tubes, bottles just to my husband's dismay, haha!
If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me showing you lots of empty packaging some time ago and saying that I can't be bothered to write about them. Well, they ended up in the bin where they belong but since then I have accumulated another ridiculous amount of empties, so this time I've decided to share them with you on the blog as I know many of you actually like seeing those posts :)
I will keep it short and sweet and refer you to any proper reviews of some of these products I've done in the past.
Skincare products I've used up lately

Monday, 27 March 2017

Perfect pairings, how to make any lipstick last longer and look prettier

Pairing a lip liner with a lipstick is nothing new but it seems like with all the lip kits coming to the market lately everyone seems to be using them more, including me. I've only ever used to reach for lip liner when wearing very bold lipstick to help it stay in place and although I've been buying some lip liners along the way I rarely used them. Until recently. One day I was just playing with makeup, as you do if you're beauty junkie, and have discovered a beautiful lip combo by pairing one of my favourite lip liners with a lipstick that I don't actually like on its own on me. And that encouraged me to experiment more with all the lipsticks that I've hardly been wearing because I'm just not a fan of them and start pairing them with different lip liners to create pretty combos.
Perfect pairs, lip liners plus lipsticks

Thursday, 23 March 2017

LVL lash treatment with Nouveau Lashes - my experience and 'before and after' photos

If I could only keep one makeup item it had to be mascara, simply because my natural lashes are almost invisible and I look like an alien without it, lol! If I need to run some errands in the morning and don't want to bother with any makeup I still probably would apply a coat of mascara to my lashes just to feel more human-like :)
So when Nouveau Lashes sent me an invitation for a complimentary LVL Lash Treatment* as a Mother's Day treat (thank you!!) I couldn't wait to have it done.
Nouveau Lashes LVL lash treatment


Monday, 20 March 2017

Trialling... Korean skincare

Korean skincare has become increasingly popular during the last few years in the western world. We want to try their advanced formulas and incorporate 10-step skincare routines. Judging by beautiful skin of Asian women they must be doing something right :)
I have dabbled in Korean skincare before but had not tried too many products so when I was offered to choose a few from Korean online shop BB Cosmetic I got really excited and spent a long time browsing though 1000s of product but finally decided to pick something from the brand Benton which was on my 'to try' list.
Benton skincare products

Thursday, 16 March 2017

1 palette - 3 eye looks, Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Today I'm bringing you another 1 palette - 3 eye looks post (check my previous post with Zoeva Caramel Melange palette), this time I want to share three looks I created using the hyped up Too Faced Sweet Peach palette (review). When I got the palette last year I was a bit underwhelmed by it, maybe because of the crazy hype it was going around it but the longer I have it the more I like it. It's got a nice range of warm toned shades, perfect for Spring/Summer and if it had a good quality black eyeshadow it could be my perfect palette. There are tons of possibilities to create different eye looks with this palette but I picked to share only three which I created in the last few weeks. I tried to use shades that are probably less reached for in this palette and give you some inspiration to experiment with different colours.
1 palette - 3 eye looks, Too Faced Sweet Peach palette

Monday, 13 March 2017

Three fabulous overnight face masks

 I have well established morning and evening skincare routine and while I enjoy getting my skin ready in the morning for makeup and all the daily challenges that come with the radiation, pollution and dehydration, the night time is the perfect opportunity for a proper pamper. We don't need to worry about how shiny our skin looks or if the makeup will slide off in a matter of minutes, when we sleep our skin will benefit from all the goodness in the forms of overnight treatments which will help to restore and replenish it making it look plump, nourished and glowing in the morning.
Caudalie Moisturising Mask, Emma Hardie Instant Radiance Mask, DrBotanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Mask

Thursday, 9 March 2017

My beauty tips on looking youthful for longer

Aging is an avoidable process in life, one we haven't mastered to stop yet :) And while I think getting old is a privilege not everyone is granted I sure want to look my best and youthful for as long as possible.
There are many factors that will determine how quickly our skin will show signs of aging, from our genetics, lifestyle, diet, skin type or illnesses we to go through in our life.
And even though some things we can't control we're still able to establish a good skincare routine that will help our skin look youthful for longer.

Skincare products to help looking younger

Monday, 6 March 2017

Latest beauty favourites

I haven't been doing regular monthly beauty favourites as I've been trying not to buy lots of new things and many of the favourite products remain the same month after month. But I have gathered some makeup and skincare that I can't stop using so decided to share with you all these awesome products.
February beauty favourites

Thursday, 2 March 2017

A few new products from Makeup Revolution

I haven't talked about any Makeup Revolution products on my blog for a long time so when I was kindly sent some new releases I thought I will share my thoughts on them with you.
Makeup Revolution, alongside their sister brands all gathered under TamBeauty umbrella, is well known for their very affordable yet, usually, good quality products and a hell of a lot of 'dupes' (check the Sweet Peach palette comparison post).
I've been a fan of the brand since they launched their first products almost 3 years ago and have bought and reviewed many of them. After a while though I couldn't keep up with their constant new launches and got a bit bored with the whole 'dupes' situation.
However I still think they have some awesome products in their range and you can't argue with their prices.
new products from Makeup Revolution, Makeup Revolution Strobe Lighting palette, Makeup Revolution Silicone Eye Set, Makeup Revolution Fixing Spray


Monday, 27 February 2017

New lipsticks from L'Oreal

You know those impulse purchases when you have a few minutes before meeting/appointment and you find yourself in a shop wandering around aisles, killing the time, and then something catches your eye and, boom, you're leaving with some new makeup/bag/clothes? :)
That was me a week ago. I didn't have any intention of buying new lipsticks but then I noticed some new releases from L'Oreal and I was sold. But it's not all bad because 2 of the three I bought have quickly become my favourites. So let me tell you about them :)

L'oreal Color Riche Matte Addiction 640, Infallible Lip Paint Matte Hollywood Beige, Infallible Mega Gloss Disco Ball

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Oskia Renaissance Mask - the one face mask that does it all?

Oskia is a luxurious skincare brand which I had wanted to explore for a while but apart from the Renaissance Cleansing Gel which I got last year, and really enjoyed using, I didn't get the chance to try anything else, purely because their products are not exactly wallet friendly. So when I saw that You Beauty box was having a deluxe sample of the Oskia Renaissance Mask in their February box I re-subscribed immediately not to miss the chance of trying the super hyped up face mask for a mere £6 (the cost of the monthly subscription box). Luckily, Latest in Beauty box is also having currently this mask in their offer (check my post) so I stocked up on it.
My dear blogging friend Siobhan (Beautylymin) adores this face mask so I was even more excited to try it and to see if I will love it.

Oskia Renaissance Mask

Monday, 20 February 2017

Latest in Beauty, best subsription box on the market?

When I first started blogging almost three years ago (when did the time go??) and discovered subscription beauty boxes I was all over them. It was very exciting to be able to try and discover different products every month for a low price. But after a while I was left with a drawer full of samples of products that I was not interested in using. So I cancelled most of my subscriptions.
I still dabbled on and off with You Beauty and Love Me Beauty boxes because they let you pick your samples from their monthly selection but more often then not I wasn't excited about the products available. Then enter the Latest in Beauty box, available as a one off purchase or monthly subscription where you can decide how many products you want (3, 6 or 9) and what they will be from a selection of over 200 different samples, travel and full sizes products. Amazing!

Latest in Beauty subcription box

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Getting the perfect base with Bourjois?

I remember really enjoying the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation a few years back and I had been tempted to try it again now that my skin has changed a lot, so when I saw the brand released improved formula of the old foundation I didn't hesitate to buy it. I decided to get the new matching concealer and also, finally, after debating for what seems like months, the Happy Light Matte Serum Primer which is not new to the market but I never got around to try it.
I've been testing all products for a few weeks and I'm ready to share my thoughts on them.
So, can you achieve the perfect base with Bourjois products?

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, Healthy Mix concealer, Bourjois Happy Light Matte Primer

Monday, 13 February 2017

Sharing the blogging love

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I thought I will sprinkle a bit of love into the air with sharing some of my favourite blogs and Instagram accounts.
Blogging community is getting increasingly competitive with more and more bloggers turning their hobby into paid jobs so I think now it's even more important to support your favourite blogs/bloggers by spreading the word about them.


Thursday, 9 February 2017

1 palette - 3 eye looks, Zoeva Caramel Melange

Although I'm not a qualified makeup artist and I have lots to learn, I absolutely enjoy creating makeup looks and sharing them with you guys. I've been doing makeup look posts on my blog for a long time and I'm not planning to stop them even though I had to reduce their frequency as it takes a long time to prepare them and I seem to be having less and less free time nowadays.
Anyway I'm here today with new series on my blog, 1 palette - 3 eye looks, starting with the beautiful Zoeva Caramel Melange palette (review).
I think it's quite common, and it happens to me all the time, that we buy an eyeshadow palette, plan to get creative with our looks and then stick to the same one over and over again using only a handful of shades. So to encourage you to play more with your palettes and inspire you to create new looks I want to share with you 3 different eye looks I've done using Caramel Melange palette which I'm obsessed with lately.
1 palette - 3 eye looks, Zoeva Caramel Melange

Monday, 6 February 2017

My collection of Zoeva eyeshadow palettes with swatches, including the new Matte palette

I have documented my love for Zoeva eyeshadows very well on this blog with numerous reviews of their palettes. I've been also enjoying other products from the brand and genuinely think they bring out great quality makeup and makeup brushes at reasonable prices.
Since adding their latest Matte palette to my collection I thought it would be  a good idea to put together post showing you all of their smaller palettes (10-pans, I don't have the Spectrum, 15pans palettes) with swatches so it might be helpful for those of you who want to try Zoeva eyeshadows but don't know where to start.

Zoeva eyeshadow palettes

Thursday, 2 February 2017

My bedside table essentials

We all have little bedtime routines, things we do, products we use, just right before dozing off. I always found interesting and fun to see what other people tend to keep close to their beds and what help them feel calm and relaxed. So today I am sharing with you my bedside table essentials.
I usually fall asleep between 11-11.30 PM, I stay up until this time because after I put my kids to bed that's my time to relax or, mostly, work on my blog. I always take my shower and do my skincare routine much earlier so when 11PM rolls around I just go to bed but almost never fall asleep straight away, I usually like to do a few of my beauty rituals first.

bedside table essentials

Monday, 30 January 2017

3 great products for dehydrated skin

Dehydrated skin is a common problem during Winter time and I regularly suffer with it even though I try to take good care of my skin. A few weeks ago I noticed that all my favourite foundations just wouldn't look right on my face, the first sign for me that my skin needs some extra hydration and nourishment. I tried to drink more water and thought that would do, but unfortunately I got to the point when my skin would feel tight and uncomfortable during the day even after moisturising it in the morning. So I knew it was time to upgrade my skincare routine. As a real beauty junkie I have a drawer full of skincare products waiting for their turn so I rummaged through them and picked couple to swap my morning serum and moisturiser for and also rediscovered an old favourite moisturising mask.
After adding these 3 products to my morning and evening routine my skin has recovered within 2 weeks and once again feels hydrated, soft and nourished.

Hero products for dehydrated skin

Thursday, 26 January 2017

5 steps to thicker and longer looking lashes in seconds

If you're like me and weren't blessed with amazing lashes then chances are mascara is your 'must-have' makeup item and you're always looking for ways to make your lashes appear thicker and longer. Unless you go for lashes extensions or wear false lashes daily, making your natural lashes look thick and fluttery is not an easy task. But I have some tips for you which I've been following for some time and I'm much happier with how my lashes look on daily basis.
Products to thicker and longer looking lashes

Monday, 23 January 2017

Trialling... Time Bomb skincare

It's not a secret that I love trying new skincare products, finding new formulas that work best for my skin and seeing it looking its best thanks to great quality and effective ingredients. But it usually takes some time to be able to see the effects of skincare products, that's why my favourite ones are face masks/treatments as the results of using them are almost immediate and you can see if they work for your skin straightaway.
So when I was asked if I want to try some Time Bomb products I excitedly picked some face masks and started testing them out as soon as they were delivered.
Time Bomb is a fairly new brand on UK market but it's a division of Federici Brands, a privately held company with a 25 years legacy of delivering high quality products.
Time Bomb skincare

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Makeup look: Winter-y silvers and purples

There's something about Winter and cold weather that makes me reach for cooler tones in my makeup, especially taupe, purple and silver. And today I want to share with you this cool toned makeup look which I created recently. I really wanted to wear this purple lipstick, Urban Decay After Dark, so I basically made the makeup around it :) Because of the blue shift the lipstick has it matches the cooler tones really well.
Makeup look: Winter-y silvers and purples

Monday, 16 January 2017

Affordable makeup brushes, my everyday essential eye and face brushes

I have done already this kind of post a few months ago (check it out here) but I've decided to do an updated version of it, especially that I have some new brushes which have become my favourite. Despite having lots of makeup brushes I usually reach for just a few of them on daily basis and, truthfully, they're enough to do a full face of makeup. Also they're all very affordable so whether you're just starting completing your makeup brushes collection or just need something extra, none of them will break the bank.

everyday essential eye and face brushes

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Skinade Collagen Drink - the best diet supplement for youthful looking skin?

We all know that our beauty starts from within, unless we're pretty lucky with our genetics we need to look after our skin very well to maintain its youthful look for as long as possible. Good skincare should help to achieve that but nothing will work miracles if our diet is not nutritious enough, if we consume lots of junk food, sugar, alcohol, smoke and/or don't drink lots of water. Sometimes, even when we do try to have a healthy lifestyle our body, skin lack some important nutrients, vitamins and microelements to make it look and feel good and healthy. That's when diet supplements can help. I'm not their biggest advocate but I do reach for them when I feel like my body is lacking certain vitamins and my diet hasn't been the best.
Today I want to talk about a diet supplement that is different from your regular multivitamin tablets, it's a collagen drink enriched with Vitamins and microelements which promises younger looking skin.
But, does it really work?

Skinade Collagen Drink
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