Monday, 8 September 2014

Manicure Monday #12

Couple of weeks ago, after seeing some fellow bloggers reviewing So Susan Lacquerlove Subscription boxes and as I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish I decided to order the box for myself. Lacquerlove box contains 4 So Susan nail polishes plus one extra make up product.
I love the idea, but I'm not sure if I would keep my subscription as for the price of £14.95 I can pick up some other great nail polishes but I shall see.
Anyway I have 4 new nail lacquers from So Susan which are 4-Free (free from toluene, DBP, formaldehyde & formaldehyde resin) so great for all of you who want to avoid nasty chemicals and definitely better for our nails.

The first nail polish I used was this gorgeous shade called Strawberry which for me is more of a raspberry colour but nevertheless still the same pretty.

So susan nail lacquer in strawberry

While I love the shade, the formula of this nail polish is terrible, very watery and the coats are very sheer. I'm wearing here 5 (that's right, 5!) coats and the finish is still not fully opaque! That's crazy and really made me not want to use this shade again. I hope the other 3 polishes have different formula. Thankfully the nail polish dries up quickly so it wasn't the total nightmare to apply it. It has a very glossy finish but I still applied my top coat to speed up the drying time.
I have to say that with so many coats of the lacquer I was expecting my nails to chip the very next day, at the latest, but I still have it on three days later with very minimal chipping so it's a nice surprise.
I will be definitely trying the other 3 So Susan Nail Lacquers I have and will let you know how do they perform.

Have you tried So Susan nail lacquers? What's on your nails this week?




  1. Replies
    1. It is very pretty colour! It's a shame the formula is so thin :(

  2. I have this colour and thought the same about the consistency, but I've since read about jelly polishes and I think this is one of those. Not a look I like particularly but some do!

    1. You're right about the jelly nail polishes but what's the point? I don't like it, I want my nail polish to be opaque in less than 5 coats! :)


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