Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Make me blush... with Famous X make up

Firstly, can I just say that I absolutely adore the packaging of these babies! They're so pretty! Probably not for everyone's taste but I love how girly these compacts are. Made of plastic but very sturdy and the opening is secure so there is no risk of accidents in your make up bag. Also every compact has a large mirror which is super handy for any touch ups on the go. And each of them contain 7.5g of product.

So who are those little beauties?

Shimmer Brick and Blush by Famous X.
I hadn't known the brand existed until a few months ago when I discovered it while reading one of beauty blogs. Famous Cosmetics was launched in 2007 by English make up artist Sue Moxley.
Superdrug used to stock them but now you can buy them just online, here. I'm guessing the line is being discontinued and they've been having half price offer for a few months already. Anyway, as soon as I saw the website I've fallen in love with those cute compacts and as they are very affordable, finally a month ago I gave in and ordered some products from Famous X website.

I want to tell you today about these two face products.

This Shimmering Brick has been compared do the Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmer Brick, RRP£32 and even though I don't own the Bobbi Brown one I can definitely say they are very similar comparing pictures of both of them.
Famous X Brick in Mariah Shimmer is a combination of five different shades of pink, swatches on picture above. The texture is very soft and the pigmentation is great, even of the lightest shades. There is no sign of glitter, just a lovely shimmery, almost metallic finish. You can use any shade on its own, for example the lightest, nearly white one, to highlight inner corners of your eyes or the darker ones as eye shadows, I've been loving the middle shade on my eyelids. But the general idea of this product is that you swirl your brush in mixing all the shades and apply on the top of your cheeks like any other highlighter or on top of your blush, or very lightly all over your face for a healthy glow.

Here's the swatch of all the shades mixed together (left photo) and the swatch lightly blended on my arm (right photo).
As you can see it's a lovely dusky pink which blends beautifully leaving a lovely shin.
Famous X Shimmer Bricks are available in 3 more shades and are  named after famous women: Lady, Rihanna, BeyoncĂ©.
 This blush is a matte dusky pink with some peachy undertones, very flattering on many, in my opinion, skin tones. It's perfect for Spring and Summer. The texture, again, is very soft, silky to the touch and the pigmentation is amazing so you really need to be light handed when applying it. The blush blends easily and stays on for good 5 hours on my oily skin before I need to retouch it.
There are other 4 shades of First Date Blusher called Charlize, Keira, Penelope, Scarlett.
I am really impressed with the quality of these two Famous X products and will be definitely picking up different shades and they are such a bargain!
Have you tried any Famous X cosmetics?
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  1. I'm a bit of a blush demon and I'm liking the look of Angelina! I didn't notice these when I was on their site so thanks for pointing me to them!

    Glad you like The Leopard Palette too! I love reviewing eyeshadow palettes - no idea why and I always feel better when someone loves something I love too!

    Jaq @

    1. I love eye shadows too! And check the Famous website for the blushes as they are really nice! Thanks for stopping by!


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