Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hair colouring at home

My natural hair colour is light brown but I never liked it as it looks for most of the year like mouse brown, not so attractive! So to add my hair some vibrancy I've been dying it for many years now, normally choosing richer browns or reds as those colours, in my opinion, suit me the best.
And last week I couldn't ignore my dark hair roots screaming at me every time I looked in the mirror so it was time for me to get some colouring product.

In the past I went a few times to hair salon to dye my hair but considering how expensive it is nowadays, most of the time I do it at home with help of my mum, friend or even my husband (!).
 Yeah... he wouldn't admit it in front of his mates but he was doing a decent job with my hair:)
Anyway, the last few times I managed to do it by myself as I found a great colouring product easy to apply, it was John Frieda Hair Dye. But this time I didn't see it in my local shop but I found even a better one from Schwarzkopf Color Mask.

You can read on the packaging that it's easy to use like hair mask and let me tell you this: IT IS very easy. You just mix the Colour Cream with the Developer Cream in the jar by vigorously shaking the jar and you are ready to dye your hair.

 The consistency of the mixture is of hair cream, not too thick but thick enough that there was no dripping while spreading it on my hair. To apply you are supposed to use your fingers (wearing provided gloves) and apply the mask starting with your roots and continue through to the lengths and ends of your hair like with any other hair dye.

As my hair is quite short I was done with application within 10 minutes, left it on hair for 30 minutes and then washed it in the shower, and follow with provided hair mask to seal the colour and nourish the hair. All of this within one hour, while my younger son was having a nap, brilliant!
I am really happy with the result, hair is shiny and soft. The dye didn't have strong smell even though contains ammonium. And the application is easy, quick and not messy.
I can totally recommend this hair dye if you are looking for something to colour your hair at home.
Just remember to do allergy test before putting the mixture on your hair!
And apply a rich moisturiser or Vaseline around your hairline and on ears to protect the skin and make it easier to clean afterwards.
Here are the pictures to show you the result. 
Before colouring

After colouring with Schwarzkopf Color Mask in Warm Mahogany (586)
Do you colour your hair at home? What is your favourite hair dye?
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  1. This looks really nice, looks red as well which I love, :)

    Toria (

    1. Yes, it looks reddish, I like it! and so easy to apply!


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