Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fragrance Direct mini Haul

Hello everyone!
 I am very late to this party but as I only a few months ago discovered the massive world of beauty blogs I was completely unaware of existence of those discount online shops. So when I read about Fragrance Direct on Miss Budget Beauty blog I got very excited. Then I became a bit sceptic wondering why the prices of beauty products, very often normally quite expensive, are so low. So I read lots of reviews on this kind of sites and the opinions are very mixed so you have to be aware that the products might be from old collection and might not perform as you expect them to.
Anyway, seeing those bargains it's hard to resist so this month I placed a little cheeky order and these are the products:

I am always looking for the best foundation to cover my imperfections, hide large pores and keep the shine at bay for at least 4 hours. Unfortunately I can't justify spending large amount of money on high end products and I haven't found a perfect base for my skin in the drugstore.
 So I thought I'll give this Korres Wild Rose Foundation 30ml, £3.50 a go. I got it inWRF2 shade which is quite good match for my skin tone and will be even better when I catch a bit of sun. The shade is on the yellow side so good for those with warm skin tone. I've used already a couple of times and it didn't vow me but it is nice and I will write a review on it soon.
Next up are these beautiful colours nail polishes, perfect for Spring, I can't wait to get the chance to use them on my nails.
 From left to right:
Orly Hawaiian Punch 18ml, £3.99 - it's a bright fuchsia colour with slightly blue iridescent shimmer, very pretty and I'm sure it will be looking great on my toe nails in the summer.
Rimmel Lycra Pro Peppermint 12ml, £1.25 - pastel mint colour, ideal shade for spring.
Rimmel Lycra Pro Coctail Passion 12ml, £1.25 - pink coral shade, perfect for sunshine filled days.
Next are some Sally Hansen products: Miracle Cure Strengthener £2.50 and Salon Manicure Cuticle Eraser + Balm £1.50 to help my weak nails get stronger and healthier. We shall see in a few weeks time if any of those work its magic.
And some random products: Max Factor Glass Nail File £2.99, again thinking about my poor nails to give them more gentle and less damaging file. I used it already and it's lovely, sharp but delicate for nails and a bargain!
Scarlett & Crimson Face Mattifying Papers £0.50 - handbag essentials for people with oily skin like myself.
So these are the products I will be testing further and will report in another post if they are any good but so far I am happy with my purchases.
Do you order from Fragrance Direct?
Kind regards

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