Friday, 28 February 2014

My morning skincare routine.

Hello everyone!
I really enjoy reading other bloggers skincare routines, to find out what products they are using and what works for them. Very often I purchase cosmetics because I read that it worked for someone I can relate to.
So I thought I am going to share with you products I am using at the moment. Please note that they are mainly budget products and non of them are my holy grain as I am still looking for the perfect skincare set and still testing what is right for me. But at the moment they work just fine for me and don't break me out or make my skin looking worse.
For reference, my skin is combination with an oily T-zone and normal on cheeks, it has quite large pores. Nowadays I don't normally get breakouts but do suffer with blackheads.
 So these are the characters of this chapter:)

 Every morning in the shower I wash my face with Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash, it does the job and it doesn't dry my skin out so all good. Every other morning I follow with this Clean& Clear Blackhead clearing daily scrub, as I mentioned already I fight with blackheads and try to stop them from forming and event though I use chemical exfoliators, manual scrubs give me the impression that I'm really digging the dirt out of my pores so I keep doing it.


After leaving the shower and drying my face I spray this nspa Revitalising Vitamin Toning Mist all over my face and let it dry. It's a really nice product, contains Witch Hazel, moisturising Ginseng and vitamin E, give my skin boost of moisture and prepare it for next step and smells lovely.


For my under eyes area I'm using DR. NICK LOWE Age Correct Eye Serum and I'm really happy with this cream, it's quite light consistency so is good under make up but it moisturises my skin very well.

For the face I'm using these two moisturises, the regular every day one is this bargainous Lacura Aqua-Complete moisturiser from Aldi. I bought it purely because of curiosity to find out if £2 cream might be any good, and I'm pleasantly surprised it is good, it absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it soft and moisturised, ready for putting foundation if I'm wearing make up. It claims to contain hyaluronic acid complex and hydrating minerals and for the price I'm pretty sure there is very minimal percentage of those ingredients but something definitely works.
The other cream Neutrogena Spot Stress Control Moisturiser I use when my skin is in need for some extra treatment because of having more imperfections like some under skin spots or visibly blocked pores. It contains salicylic acid so it helps clearing those. I use it for a few days or every other day instead of my regular moisturiser for a week or so until I see improvement in my skin condition, The downside of this product for me is that it dries out my skin after using longer than a few days, but in overall it's a great cream to keep those pesky spots at bay and it's a good base for make up.
Have you tried any of those skincare products? Do you have any recommendation for me?
Kind regards

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